Why Lake Naivasha is a Bird Watching Tourism Paradise

Lake Naivasha is found in Naivasha town within the rift valley region in Kenya. It lays North West of Nairobi which is a two hour ride from the capital city by the use of road. The place has cool weather which makes it favorable for relaxing with your family or friends and for bird watching tourism this the place to be during bird’s migration. It offers one of the best roosting and breeding habitat for both Long-tailed and Great cormorant. These birds have found safe heavens in the tall Acacia trees next to the water where most predators aren’t able to access easily. At their nesting site, a birder is welcomed with calls and noises from both the adult and juvenile birds calling out for each other. Birding in Lake Naivasha is fun as you move into the deep waters using boats. As you move you’re able to spot from a distance the hippos in their territories playing. The place to spot the Giant King fishers as they patiently waits for fish in the adjacent trees. Lake Naivasha is home to the noisy African Fish Eagle flying over the water most of the time. There are hundreds of different bird species that have been recorded ranging from water birds constituting over 90 species with majority being migratory birds. It’s known to be a stopover point for migrating birds to feed, drink and roost.

Different types of birds head to Lake Naivasha due to the availability of submerged macrophytic growth and diverse plankton at many feeding and breeding sites. With papyrus vegetation in the Lake provide a home to the Papyrus yellow warbler, globally threatened and vulnerable specie. Other threatened birds species to be spotted includes the Papyrus Gonolek, White winged Swamp-warbler and Papyrus Canary. Once you are done with bird watching in the lake, it’s time to move and your next stop should be the Centre for Education in Sustainability, Elsamere with over 100 bird species visiting the center. The center offers camping facilities and accommodation and provides the best opportunity for residential tourists. The centre has been the training venue for Fundamentals of Ornithology, an annual course for beginning and experienced birders from all over the world

Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake which is the second largest lake among the lakes in Kenya after Lake Victoria. The blue waters of the lake offer reflection of spectacular views of mount Longonot which has well laid vegetation. What makes its the bird watching tourism centre is that beside the lake there is the famous Hell’s Gate national park which has different species of game. One can take a walk within the park to experience some of its beauty. This can be done with the help of a guide to ensure no accidents and the security of the visitors. The Lake has been declared a ramsar site and support wide range of biodiversity both aquatic and terrestrial. “Ramsar site is a wetland of international importance with various unique ecological values and a rich biodiversity including endangered species”. Lake Naivasha is a hub to horticultural and floriculture farming providing employment to the residents generating foreign exchange for Kenya.

Being a fresh water lake, there is adequate fish especially Tilapia which makes it one of the great meals for the tourists. There are boats for those who love fishing and one can catch their own fish and prepare a camp fire to cook or roast. The lake has many varieties of fish to catch hence this is a great recreational activity. One can also travel around the lake with the help of the boats. This makes one have a closer feel of the lake and a view of the environs without having to look at it from the shores.

Along the lake there are hundreds of species of birds such as the king fishers, herons and love bird. The birds can be viewed flying above the sky while others walking along the shores. The birds also emit lovely tunes which give the area more color and beauty.
It also has spectacular game viewing of animals such as the hippopotamus, lion, giraffe, buffalo, monkeys and cheetah. The animals can be viewed from a distant or one can go near to have a closer look. There is also the stunning view of the sunrise early in the morning and the sunset in the evening. The sun is reflected on the lake making it remarkably adorable and beautiful as it rises and sets.

For visitors there are ample hotels and lodges to accommodate hundreds of customers. There are also camping facilities offered so one can choose the best accommodation that suites them best. The buildings offer beautiful views of the lake and its blue water.

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