Why I like Black Olympus 8×40 DPSI Binocular for birding

Bird watching is made easier with the aid of a binocular, monoscope, and telescope among other spotting equipment. I haven’t handle many binoculars but will be giving my opinion on each and every binocular model and brand I’m using or have used to help other birders in choosing Ideal birding binocular. Currently I’m Olympus 8×40 DPSI Binocular (Black) a brand new model.
The Olympus 8×40 DPSI Binocular (Black) I’m using for birding and other spotting activities is small in size and I do occasionally share it with kids who still find it effective and able to spot birds. When birding in the morning and evening I do get very sharp and crystal clear images. While spotting the birds I’m able to zoom in and out without distorting pictures.

8x40dpsi binocular black

The DPSI Olympus 8×40 is a very simple and easy to use bino that children have no difficult handling once they’ve been taught on how to use. Due to its light weight you don’t feel difficulty walking around with it on your neck for a long time. It has got lens covers which helps the lenses from getting scratch hindering visioning. I’m using the 8×40 black Olympus binocular in sighting birds in the forest, water and wildlife with less difficult but having some stunning colours and images. I recently tried it on sky gazing although it was somehow dark and didn’t managed to have some stunning images.
Very handing when having a long trip, for birders it’s sometimes tiresome birding most parts of the day but this is cushion by the soft eye cup rubbers. Your eyes will simple not get hurt at all. It has a UV protection to me this is a plus to protecting us from the negative effect of the sunlight. It has adjustable eyepieces that helps those wearing glasses, though haven’t tried it with glasses to feel its effect. The binocular was complete with its case, protective lenses cover and a neck strap.
The DPSI Olympus 8×40 can be sued during by trekking, hiking, camping, bird twitchers and other outdoor nature activities. I have used it for birdlife tour spotting the elusive Sitatunga antelope that was grazing on floating vegetation in Lake Kanyaboli Kenya.
Our eyes are prone to sun rays when bird watching and having UV protection helps prolong our birding hours during sunny days. Blurred images is common with many devices but I realized the Olympius 8×40 has a monolayer coating inside the barrel which helps reduce sun’s glares and balances the colour contrast of the pictures. The binocular has a wide-angle field of view of 14.3m meaning you’re able to spot not only birds in a direct position with you but also from a tilted angle. The places I have been to with the DPSI Binocular from Olympus includes birding in the swamp and the lake, Mountain forest, urban towns with many tall buildings but still I could get a good view with the binocular. What I haven’t mastered is how to capture photos with this binocular using a smart phone but slowly I’m learning the techniques and soon will be able to get some stunning long distance bird photos.
Below are some specifications of birding equipment from the manufacturer

The binocular is available in many online stores and shopping centres with varied prices

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