Why go Birdwatching at the Diani Beach Kenya

Traveling to diani beach Kenya for bird watching safaris and holidays is either by road or air, when traveling by road there are so many buses and shuttles from Nairobi Kenya, the capital city of Kenya to the coastal town of Mombasa fondly known as “Mombasa Raha”. Raha is a Swahili word for “lavish life”. The people of Mombasa are known for their love to visitors and would readily offer helps but one has to be extra cautious when soliciting help and advice, if you are not so sure of where you are going please contact your traveling agent. Once you arrived in Mombasa town, your journey to the South coast Diani Beach Kenya began. To reach South Coast there are two main routes to follow either by road or crossing by Ferry at the Likoni Ferry services, once you’ve crossed you will get the shuttles “Matatus” to Ukinda beach and taxi. Arriving at the Diani beach one notice the tall trees and the friendly roaming monkeys. With friendly staff you will be ushered and booked in one of the spacious rooms.

It’s time to go swimming at the ocean, you will enjoy every moment of swimming and the best time to swim is during morning hours, breakfast will come handy from swimming and you will have almost all food and drinks for breakfast .
Diani beach in Kenya offers one of the best places for bird sporting with the indigenous trees attracting various bird species. Have your bird watching gears and essential such as the camera, notebook and the binocular ready. With this birding equipment you’ll capture some of the best photos and videos.

Your birding routine at the diani beach

Your bird day should start very early in the morning. Have a morning walk along the diani beach coastline when water levels receded to the ocean. You’ll be able to collect assorted beautification stones among other materials. Kenyan’s diani beach coastal is one of the best coastlines in Mombasa with a number of bird’s species enjoying the morning breezing flying over the ocean. Once you’re done with your morning bird watching it’s now time to move to the beach hotel compound and at the compound be prepared to watch as many bird species as possible.

 baobab diani beach kenya
Baobab diani beach kenya

Birding with water proof binoculars is an added advantage for those taking their excursion into the ocean. Water proof binoculars aren’t affected with the effect of water and you’ll enjoy every moment of your trip to the coastal city and your diani beach birding trip to Kenyan coastal city shouldn’t end without visiting the historical site of Fort Jesus and Gedi ruins in Malindi. The diani beach in Kenya is a private beach and its accessibility is possible from the beach hotel but also from the ocean water. If you’re visit Mombasa town for the first time remember to have a tour guide from an individual or the many safari tour companies operating in Kenya. A having a tour guide add numerous benefits to your stay at the coast as you’ll be guided on birding hotspot saving you time and money if you are after a specific bird species. There are so many types of bird species found at the beach in diani Ukunda including the. There are many resorts that tourist get accommodation including but not limited to the Baobab resort at the diani. With excellent world class accommodation facilities in these hotels birders enjoy every moment of their stay. At the diani beach hotels you can also conduct your residential birding. Baobab is one such facility with an excellent residential birding environment with tall trees for birds to feed, rest and roost. If doing a bird filming then this best location to have your evening film editing session after video capturing in the field.

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