Why Camping In Hells Gate Naivasha Is a Must for Bird Watchers

About Hells Gate
Hell’s Gate is one of the National Park found in Kenya situated around Lake Naivasha with an area cover of 68.25 square km with an outstanding sceneries characterized by the towering cliffs and the water gouges. The venue is suited for bird lovers, rock climbers, mountain biking, picnics, horse riding, game drives, nature walk and team building activities. The park is accessible by a well maintained tarmac road 90km from Nairobi and also from the naivasha air strip
The park’s topography is a combination of a rugged terrain and breathtaking scenery.it is mainly made up of grasslands and shrublands composed of acacia and euphorbia trees. The park has two entrances: the main Elsa gate and the olkaria gate. There are two towers in the park; Fischer tower and the central tower which are good for rock climbing. The park has a beautiful collection of wildlife i.e. the Thompson gazelle and a total of 103 species of birds i.e. the rare lammergeyer vulture.

The national park has got unique features such as the FISCHER TOWER which is a 75ft consisting of rocky tower formed due melting of rocks, its best for rock climbers, bird watchers among other scenic views
Birds at Hells Gate
There are a number of bird species found at hell’s gate from eagles and buzzard, if a birder wants to have a glimpse at some of the rare birds’ species such as Verreaux’s eagle and the Lammergeyer, the Ruppel’s griffon and hooded vultures. The caves and gorges provide one of the safest site for roosting and nesting keeping predators at bay. To have a better sighting birders advice to carry with the birding binoculars and book guide, and the best time to sight the birds includes the morning and evening hours.

At Hells Gate you’ll have a spectacular time watching the Ruppel’s griffon and hooded vultures feeding on the carcasses and one thing to observed among the vultures is the pecking order, the older well build vulture are given priority and when they arrive all the others have to stay aside and way. In some cases the older vultures have stronger beaks to penetrate through the hard skin of the dead animals all these time the other birds have to wait patiently for the arrival of the older bird. Birds of prey are plenty to watch over the cliffs and gorges with a very spectacular view. Then the moment comes when the vulture returns for roosting it’s a memorable time and for bird twitcher to have a view you must wait till evening for the arrival of these vultures

Sometimes weather can be unpredictable and one have to be prepared for the hot sun and it’s advisable to carry with you drinking water to quench your thirst when the need arises. With the many wildlife grazing in the park as a birder you’ll have a glimpse at the ox-pecker, the cattle egrets among other beautiful birds but not forget the swallows flying over the cliffs. Carry with you a note, a camera and a sharp binoculars and if a companied by your child never forget the kid’s binocular to help them have a wonderful birding time. When at the park be cautious of the noisy hyenas which moving from one end of the park to the other chasing away the vulture.
It’s a vulture’s paradise due to the ability to provide them with plenty of food, roosting safe sites and the favorable weather condition and other than the vultures hells gate hosts Augur buzzard, common fiscal, Northern anteater chat, secretary bird and other bird species

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