What is the best tent for camping?

Choosing the best tent for camping is no easy task as many would think. With many varieties of tents for camping cropping up in the market every day requires due diligence on your part as a consumer as this will not only saves you money but ensures you buy one of the best tents for birding for any condition or environment. You can’t just wake up one day head to your local store and pick up one without knowing exactly what you’re buying and its major use. Buying tents without taking into consideration features and factors can be a disastrous. As you get out into the field with your tent and end up freezing or overheating, you’ll then realize that you should have taken more time reviewing the options when purchasing one of the finest tents for your birding and holiday safaris.

tent for camping
1-person camping tent

This guide will attempt to answer some of the most frequent asked questions such as;

  • What is the best tent for camping?
  • What is the best brand of camping tents?
  • How much do camping tents cost?
  • What’s the best tent for family camping?
  • How do I choose a camping tent?

Big and small tent for camping are rated differently for use in various seasons and some tents can keep you drier than other brands. A person planning a bird camping session in a snowy region during winter wouldn’t be recommended to purchase or carry with them a 3-season tent for camping used for summer birding at the lake. We’re here to help and guide you select the best camping tent for all seasons and save you money and time. The consideration outlined here will help you decide the kind of tent to buy for your next birding safaris and adventures.

Tents are manufactured in different varieties, sizes and styles that can accommodate a single person to a dozen numbers of people. All said and done one of the major factors influences your choice of tents depends on your budget and the number of people to be housed.  Tents range in prices, quality of materials and functionalities. Asks yourself the following question when looking for the best camping tent to purchase

  • How many people will be joining you in your birding and camping trip?
  • Do you require a big or small tent to accommodate a number of people
  • Will you be comfortable with a single sleeping area?
  • Do you prefer a separate compartment based on the number of people going for the trip?
  • What is the nature of your birding trip?
  • What is the mode of transporting the camping tent to the destination, are you going to carry it on your back or by a vehicle?
  • Mode of transportation will influence the size of the tent
  • Where is the camping taking place? Highlands, forest, coastal areas etc
  • Where is your tourism destination going to be

What materials are you going keep in your tent?

  • How many people will be joining you in your birding and camping trip?
different type of tent best for camping
different type of camping tents
  • Do you require a big or small tent to accommodate a number of people
  • Will you be comfortable with a single sleeping area?
  • Do you prefer a separate compartment based on the number of people going for the trip?
  • What is the nature of your birding trip?
  • What is the mode of transporting the camping tent to the destination, are you going to carry it on your back or by a vehicle?
  • Mode of transportation will influence the size of the tent
  • Where is the camping taking place? Highlands, forest, coastal areas etc

What materials are you going keep in your tent?

Selecting tents can be a tedious job and as a birder you need one of the best tents in the market that will last you a number of years before heading back to your store for a new one and a tent with camping accessories is very ideal for most group outdoor tours. A friend of mine recently acquired a new brand tent from one of the local store only to realize that he went for the wrong specification and had to return for an exchange. To save you that agony we’ve highlighted some of the features and factors to consider in your selection

  1. Camping time and season

Time of the year you’re going to have your camping safaris will determine the type of tent to go for. There are usually three types of camping categorization of tents depending on the time of the year your tent is going to be in use. We have convertible also known as All-season tents which are predominantly use throughout the year regardless of the climatic conditions. Due to their nature they tend not to perform well in severe winter weather. Those selecting all-season camping tent are either going out with their entire family. If you’re looking for these types of tents then cabin tents are some of the best in the market and are used for relaxation after bird watching, hiking etc during summer weather.

The 3-season camp tents perform well for all the seasons and are among the most versatile tent for safaris and camping. The smaller tents for 2 people or 1 are considerable great for birding and hiking while the larger tents are great for family campouts and are usually dome tents

The 4-season safaris tents. These tents are built for extreme cold weather climates but are very hot during summer periods. They are suitable for birders going for mountain bird watching and high altitude areas. This not the best tents for camping for hot areas, as these places are usually hot day and night. The 4-season brand tent would be ideal for many birders as long as you go for a quality, long lasting and well ventilated brand.

2. Ability of the tent to stay dry

While camping you feel awful waking up in a pool of water or being rained on while sleeping. For birders you’re putting your birding gears and accessories at risk. This happens to many campers and can be attributed to how tents are built these days. I read a review online where a guy touched the tent fabric on the inside to the outside flysheet resulting into water leakages, it’s sound very funny but this the reality with most of the tents. Poorly built tent will remain wetland for a long time but are also affected with morning dew.  In the event that your tent develop some malfunction always remember to carry with you some water proof cover to protect your binoculars, cameras among other birding equipment and accessories. When doing selection to avoid being rained your camping tent should have a water-resistant coating that will still allow for ventilation. These day many manufacturers have introduced waterproof rain fly attached to the tent poles and still allows for adequate ventilation. Staying dry consider tents with sewn floors into the bottom to prevent running water.

3. Tents that are easy to put up

When choosing a camping tent, ensure your selection can easily be assembled and dismantle within a short time. As a birder you’ll only realize the importance of an easy to put up tent when your birding equipment and accessories are rained on due to difficulty in setting up your tent. This will be apparent to you when dark sets in and you need to settle down. So how do you know when a tent is easy to put, when doing your purchase always read customers feedback on the particular tent you’re about to buy. You can reach out direct to these consumers and seek their opinion if you’re not time pressed. Many tents A-frame and dome camping tents are normally easy to setup while a tent cabin may prove difficult at sometimes. The following section will deal with the designs of tents. When done with the tent and wants to take it down ensure it’s folded neatly and in an easy to store package as this will save you time when putting it up.

4. Consider a well Ventilated tents

For your own health and safety a well ventilated camping tent is a must. Well ventilated tents have openings on all sides with many having a mesh screen on the sides. The mesh screen will ensure free flow of fresh air and dust prevention. Buying a cheap camping tent that is poorly ventilated will cost you your health and money hence any cheap but should of good quality.  If you’ll be birding in bugs dominated areas a camping net with a larger mesh is preferable to the bugs out easily without dismantling the tent. Poorly ventilated tents are known to be the source of coughs, breathing problem among other unwanted airborne diseases.

  • Consider the tent style

One of the factors to consider when purchasing your tent is the style based on the topography of setup. The most common and available styles of camping tents are the Dome tents, frame tents, Ridge tents, Touring tent, Vis-a-vis tents, Hoop tents, Geodesic tents among others.

The most common and popular are the frame tents, their headroom and overall space is very remarkable and liked by many people going out camping. Fame tents are great with others having separate sleeping compartments with a standard steel frame structure to help in transporting the tent by car.

In the past the dome tents have dominated the market and still continue with its dominance with majority of sores and supply stocking it, as it’s durable and easy to set up, easy to transport. With those qualities dome tents have become popular with majority of campers. If you’re looking for an easy to handle tent then you know what type of a tent to go for.

If you’re looking for a triangular tent then Ridge is the tent to go for, ridge tents are quite sturdy and offers plenty of head room but are not suitable in heavy winds areas due inadequate support. Just as the Dome, ridge tents can be set up quick and easily. The other drawback of this type of tent is their inability to withstand hash weather condition. If going camping to areas where weather isn’t a problem then consider this model due to its shape and flexibility.

Are you looking for a spacious tent that will allow you to stand straight up and walk freely inside? If your answer is yes, then have a date with the touring model tents. It has best see through windows with good ventilation. With all those good qualities the touring tent is rare in the market and also cost some good money for value.

Vis-a-vis offers different sleeping compartments, its best suited for a family going out for birding vacation. Other than family members the tent serve well those carrying heavy camping accessories as you have a separate compartment for keeping your items.

The hoop tent also known as tunnel tents are popular amongst hikers and the mountain climbers. They are popular among the hikers and climbers because they are easy to carry around and occupy little space as compared to the other tents models. Also are suitable for those carrying a few items requiring little space. Hoops tents are not suitable for family members. And lastly we have the Geodesic tents which are similar in structure to the most popular dome tents, but are very strong quality tents for camping than the dome and easily resist heavy winds. If your birding activity is taking you to a windy place then Geodesic camp tents are the best tents to buy but are more expensive and are best suited for outdoor camping compared to the other tents types and models and it’s the best family tent for camping

6. When selecting a tent consider one with waterproof material for the floor. With this your valuable will be safe from running water after heavy rains. Also your tent should have a roof vent to help with ventilation at night. If you want to invite cockroaches, rats among other insect always eat inside the tent. It’s advisable not to bring food into the tent avoid these pests and insects that will destroy your documents and clothing.

We’ve looked at some of the qualities of best camping tents for birders, advantages and disadvantages of each. When picking out a tent always makes sure to find one which is favourable to you and best suits your camping activities and the season you’re going for camping. Find a tent within your means that can stand unfavourable weather condition protecting all your belongings. If not sure of the best camping tent to buy then check on other customers with similar products’ feedback. Get first hand opinion from somebody who have used the tent before and always remember to go for easy to set up tents to save you time. Different tents models and types can be purchased from different store near you or online retail outlets without forgetting the offers and discounts available with the online retail outlets to help you save money If you found this article helpful in one way or the other please your feedback is welcomed. Enjoy your camping safaris be it birding, hiking or mountain climbing and for bird watchers and twitchers keep on birding and sharing your lifers

What’s the best tent for family camping?

Are you looking for the best tent for family camping to buy and wondering where to start? We have so many camping tents available locally and you can easily get confused ending up doing impulse purchase for something that will not suit your family needs. Below are some of the questions you should be asking yourself to help determine the right camping family tent.

  1. How many family members will be going out for camping, the size of the family will determine the type and size of tent to buy. A large family sharing a tent will require a bigger family camping tent with additional spacing to accommodate your belongings when camping.
  2. When are you planning the family camping trip, your choice of a tent will be influenced by the season. We have various tents customized for specific seasons of the year. We have the three 3-season and four 4 –season tents that can well house your family members
  3. How much are you willing to spend? The quality the tent the higher the cost and you would rather spend on something that will last for the better part of your life if you’re a season camper.
  4. Are all members of the family going to be house in one tent? If every member of the family will have their own tent will also determined the type and quality of tent to go for.
  5. What are the topographical features or landscape for camp setup? A flat surface is different from a slope surface and will require different types of tent set up for the family.
  6. What is the nature of your trip, as every trip may require different tents style and models
  7. What is the transportation mode to be utilized during your trip? For bigger tents you will have to hire a vehicle and this translates into unavoidable extra cost.  

At the begin of this article we’ve discussed some of the best camping tents for safaris to consider while going for outdoor camping and their advantages and disadvantages.  If you’re planning for a bigger family camping then your number choice should be the Geodesic tents for families.

Why Geodesic family tent?

 They are described as the wind breaker camp tent, are strong structured outdoor camping house that endures all harsh weather conditions. When having a family and need something strong to provide shelter for the children and your belongings then the best family tent for camping are the Geodesic. These tents are very popular and available in almost all major stores around the globe. When going for this particular tent then be ready to spend more money which will save the agony of frequent purchases.

You may decide to go for other types of tents for your family but always remember to buy a tent that is of high quality and can accommodate your family outing needs. A good family tent should have camping accessories and install guides to enable smooth setup of the tent. A good tent is one that can easily be set up by any member of the family without depending on any particular member. The brand and tent type varies from one manufacturer to the other and choosing the right model will require personal judgments and preference.

 Other factors to help you buy the best tent for your family camping trip are the customer’s reviews. Many online retail store selling tents have numerous reviews done by their customers and are available free of charge without paying a penny getting to know how a particular tent consumer was satisfied or not.  Take your time and if need be you can always contact this particular person for their own opinion and other features not indicated in the camping tent catalogue.

Good quality family tents are expensive compared to other tents with a smaller carrying capacity. When in financial constrain you can always go for a used but quality tent as this will help meet both your camping demand and at the same time ensuring saving for other urgent obligations. Used camping tents are handy when come to pricing, availability but can also turn out to be a nightmare if not properly checked before going for a trip. Purchase a second hand tent for your family camping trips from trusted market stores. Internet has brought shopping to our bedrooms with a mouse click you can check a variety of tents specification and have your best tent for family camping delivered within a few days at your door step. When going for quality items always take your time, read various reviews about specifics items, list down both the pros and cons, check for frequent tents promotion to save you some cash, check the available camping accessories the tent in questions and above all check for the money back guaranteed tents as this will ensure only high quality products are delivered.

How much do camping tents cost?

Cost of camping tents varies from models, types and capacity and is influenced by various factors such as;

  • Material used to assembled a particular tent
  • Size of the; the bigger the tent the higher the cost but this will also depend on the material type, some small but highly quality materials tents costly as opposed none quality big tent
  • Tent seasonality- All season tents will cost more than a one season tent
  • Delivery distance to customer affects tents cost, shipped items overseas will attract a shipping cost as opposed to locally delivered tents which are sometime enjoy free shipping.
  • Sales store also offers different prices; when purchased directly from a manufacture you’re definitely going to pay less as compared to retailers and wholesaler who charged more for profit. Manufacturers may not sell single tents and with the only alternative being local retailers.
  •  Tent with camping accessories will cost more
  • Season of purchase is sometimes a factor in pricing with some retailers offering off season discount to customers while others raising their prices due to the high demand.
  • Waterproof camping tents will cost more than non water proof.
  • Camping tents cost as low as $50 to more $1000

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