What do you do when you find an injured bird?

injured marabou stokeBird injuries are very common and everyday hundreds or thousands of birds get injured due many reasons, many people don’t apply the right bird handling techniques and as a result we’ve decided to to outline on how to hold a bird in your hands. Remember that a bird may contain contagious diseases and if not handle well one may end up being infected with such diseases associated with birds

In the figure below as you can observed a very poor handling techniques of marabou stoke due to lack of knowledge by these young ones and are exposing themselves to diseases or parasite from the injured bird.

1. Always avoid touching sick or injured birds with bear hands, This helps prevent the bird from further injuries and also protecting yourself from other diseases and pests
marabou stoke
2. Always prepare a clean and safe contain without liquid to help keep the injured bird in a safe place and to avoid other injuries, once you’ve your contain ready pick the bird gentle and place into the container box and close the box with a light clothing.
3. Giving the bird water and food isn’t recommended as it will cause the bird to strain and cause more injuries, instead keep the bird warm
4. Call the nearest bird rescue center in your area or contact the wildlife mandated agencies for further direction

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