My Friday Morning Bird Watching Species Spotted

My routine morning bird walk started at 6.30am. The weather was very conducive with no sign of early rain. My first bird species was White browed Robin chat, the bird was feeding on the ground and not so far from it was a pair of Olive thrus looking for what to feed on along the fence. The thrush are very common and can always be spotted as early as 6am. I then moved towards the cattles and the Red_billed oxpecker were already enjoying their delicacy. The cows were calm and this shows the importance these birds play to remove ticks and other unwanted parasite from the cows. It was time for my Twitcher birding binocular to be put into use a very essential bird watching equipment for birders to get the best view of the birds. Then common drongo were flying up the sky to catch the favourite insects. With my bird watching binocular I was able to view the bird in action. Then came the barn swallow petching on the electrical wireline. I have realized that these birds loves perching on the wires just after the sunrise and from a distance they seems to be enjoying the sun rays. It was such a short lovely morning bird watching time, I hope for those who had their morning bird watching event enjoyed every moment of it.

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