How to use Kids Binoculars

To have a generation that cares for birds and their habitats we must encourage our kids to take part in various bird watching activities in their early ages. One way to get children interested in birding is by introducing kids binoculars as young ones love playing with gadgets. Many parents might not be comfortable with their kids handling birding binoculars fearing breakages due to carelessness but you may consider introducing toy binoculars to enable your child get to know how to handle the binoculars. Do not fret over its availability, because you get them easily at websites like Kid’s binoculars are no different from other binoculars save for the size.
It’s a birder equipment helping in observation and identification of birds during birding sessions such as morning bird watching, waterfall birds, world migratory bird day celebration among others. It aids their ability to observe, watch and observe features that necked eyes aren’t able to identify.
There are simple safety precautions measures for our kids to adhere to while handling the binoculars as discussed below.
1. Teach your kids the basic parts of the binocular, as this will ensure the kid master various parts and their functions. Knowing functions of various parts help them have a better focusing in the field.
2. Let your child know where the objective lense is found which refers to the front part of the binocular through which light enters for magnification. It’s very important for the child to be aware of the risks associated with touching the objective and magnifications lenses. This part is the easiest and most attractive area for the young ones. Many a times even adult birders are tempted to wipe or clean the lenses using non recommended materials as this will reduce the power of magnification and interference.
3. Binocular trap, is the loose piece of handle embended on the binocular for its safety usage. The first precaution is for your child to put on around the neck to help prevent it from falling off to the ground. Any thing can happen during nature walk events and without wearing the trap you’re risking the binocular.
4. Children should always handle the binocular with their two hands. Never let your child handle it with one hand during birding or at any time using the bino
5. Always use binocular case before, during and after usage as the case prevent it from gathering dust
6. Teach your child how to adjust the binocular. This helps them know where to touch while birding on their own.
7. When not using the binocular, let your child lay them flat instead of having them stand. They are stable while laid and unstable when standing resulting into easy breakages.
8. Don’t run with them while in the field, always be calm as much as possible.
9. Children like throwing objects while passing on to someone. It should be avoided with these equipment.

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