How I catch and Rescued an Injured Black-headed Heron

It was a relief for the trapped and injured Black-headed Heron to be free. I was having a bird watching walk along Lake Kanyaboli when I heard water vendors talking about a trapped bird that can be of a great meal for a household of two.

Time was running out to locate the bird and have it rescued and with that my bird watching around the lake ended and a rescue mission began. I went straight to the water point where the water vendors were coming from and within a few minutes I managed to spot the strapped tired bird. I then moved closer and was able to identify the bird.


The injured Black-headed Heron being scared was trying to escape but all in vain as the bird entangled himself with a piece of fishing net covering the entire beak.

I got hold of the bird, tired and scared it struggled to escape but holding the bird gently I moved to a shady tree. The string was tightly coiled around the beak which made it difficult to remove. I had to was a panga to cut the string into pieces one by one taking me around 15 minutes to remove. After successful removing the net, the bird was able to move but couldn’t fly. Gaining some strength it moved towards water but still couldn’t do much. I had to wait for the bird to gain enough strength and protecting from any harm being human or any other predators.


Finally after 1 hour of resting the bird slowly and steadily walked into the papyrus plantation.

What a great save for this bird. I was asked by one water vendor that ” how did I managed to catch an Injured bird” as many people tried earlier but nobody was able to do it, the other questions I encountered was “what should I do when I find an Injured bird near me”. I told them that the best to save the bird is to call for help from a person with animal knowledge



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