What You Should Know About Nairobi Kenya

Just like any other part of the country, Nairobi has varied weather conditions depending on the time of the year, season and also the environs. The other main factor that … Continue Reading →

Why go Birdwatching at the Diani Beach Kenya

Traveling to diani beach Kenya for bird watching safaris and holidays is either by road or air, when traveling by road there are so many buses and shuttles from Nairobi … Continue Reading →

Why Lake Naivasha is a Bird Watching Tourism Paradise

Lake Naivasha is found in Naivasha town within the rift valley region in Kenya. It lays North West of Nairobi which is a two hour ride from the capital city … Continue Reading →

Why Kenya is one of the best birding countries in the world

Located on the eastern coast of Africa, Kenya experiences tropical climate. The country which lay astride the equator also has the Great Rift Valley passing through it with over 1000 … Continue Reading →

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Whereto go birding in Kenya

With over 1000 types of birds species spread all over the country, it might prove difficult selecting your next bird watching trip. As a birder and a tourist you can … Continue Reading →