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The 5 Papyrus Endemic Birds of Yala Swamp Kenya

The Yala Swamp is a designated an IBA no 42 hosting a number of endemic species. Yala Swamp is a biodiversity hotpot offering unique fauna that attract specific birds. The … Continue Reading →

How to Pick a Garden Plant for wild birds

Having wild birds in your backyard garden is so magical that it makes you feel creative, satisfied, fulfilled and peaceful as a birder. Even with that in mind, sometimes it … Continue Reading →

Mentoring Youths in Bird Watching and Conservation

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to engage the youths in bird watching and related activities by starting a weekly bird watching exercise. The initiated by George of Bird Twitcher and … Continue Reading →

A Memorable Birding in Machakos County Over 200 Birds Species Recorded In 5 Days

A dedicated team of birders gathered for a national Site Support Group (SSG) workshop organized by Nature Kenya to review group’s activities progress. With the SGG or Nature Kenya meetings, … Continue Reading →

Are You Looking for a Place to Conduct Residential Urban Bird Watching In Kenya With Over 100 Bird Species

Pastoral Center in Machakos Town Best for Urban Bird Watching for birders on the move. Watching many bird species is very difficult in Urban settings and it would be a … Continue Reading →