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Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania bird book

A birder in the field watching birds or guiding visitors must have a reference source to help identify birds with almost the same features. Birding book guides are learning materials which helps one to understand the particular bird species, behavior and habitats. Birding references are either used for identification or to provide general information concerning birds. We have so many birding references that you can choose from but consider guides with in-depth description of birds. When selecting a bird book, consider the locality you are going to conduct bird watching or twitching. The reference can range from a publish guide book, bird checklist or even recorded observation of a particular area. Having more than one reference guide for birding is useful in bird identification; the description may differ with one offering slightly more details about a particular guide.
Bird checklist aren’t detailed but summarizes birds found within a locality, without a detailed guide book a checklist will be great and of more help in a new area. A guide book for birding is more detailed and should have the following basic information.
1. Consider a guide with bird species
2. A good guide book contains bird features such as color, bill and physical features
3. It must described a particular birding habitat and mostly likely areas to be observed
4. A good birding book have detailed map showing where the bird is likely to be found

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