Are You Looking for a Place to Conduct Residential Urban Bird Watching In Kenya With Over 100 Bird Species

Pastoral Center in Machakos Town Best for Urban Bird Watching for birders on the move.

Birding in Machakos

Watching many bird species is very difficult in Urban settings and it would be a birder’s dream to find as many bird Species as possible in a short time.
In Kenya, and particularly Machakos town, a travelling bird twitcher should set camp at the St Joseph Pastoral Centre, located less than 1 km from town Centre. The centre is modest with adequate accommodation facilities.

At the centre, birders are able to conduct both indoor and outdoor bird watching. The compound has both Urban and rural setting attracting so many bird species ordinarily present in rural areas.
With the accacia and gravelia plantation within the compound help attract bird species such red headed Weaver, White browed Sparrow Weaver, Black headed Oriole, Little Bee eater, superb starling, among others.

garden wild bird

From the accacia plantation to the valley’s near by you’re able to spot the Fisher’s love birds, African grey fly catcher, slate colored boubou Purple granadier, Red-billed firefinch, variable sunbird among others. If you want to watch the Sacred ibis, move to the center dumping pit just next after the kitchen here you’ll have a chance to spot the Spotted Thick-kness.

While at the centre you’re able to get water birds at the town sewerage plant, although the sewerage plant produce bad smell but offers refugee for reed commorants, pied King Fisher’s among other Species.

All you require are your essetial bird watching gears such as binoculars, guide books, notebook,a pen and a camera.

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