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the bird twitcher
Welcome to Bird twitcher, a birding portal with up to date information for bird lovers and those aspiring to join the birding community. Why birds? Some call them bio indicator creatures able to help us predict the changing status of the ecosystem, while some birds sing, some call but birds are unique creatures with different melodies

Our blog provides users with useful information about birds and their behavior review of the best birding gears, guides among others and where to easily access them online at affordable cost. Will also bring you relevant information on events being schedule such as weekly birding, World migratory bird’s day (WMBD)

Bird Count:s We have various counts carried out worldwide to check on the status of birds in a particular ecosystem, as a blog you’ll get to know more about these including common bird monitoring, waterfowl counts, dry and wet season counts among others

Bird ringing is simply a process of placing a tag/ring on a bird to track their movements across the continent and distance covered, we’ll let you know of any bird ringing happening near you

Other than watching birds we provide information on various items and equipment that aid smooth birding with various online stores such as Amazon among others. This blog brings up to date guides on various issues affecting the world of birds, tips on birding and travelling and know more about various birds and their behaviors such as eating and roosting habits.

Birdtwitcher is about birding, watching birds in their natural habitats, keeping pet birds as a hobby and also as a way of conserving them and their habitats.
We are also open to contributions from enthusiastic birders who want to tell the world about their bird watching activities and experiences with certain tools, books and places. If you have any interesting feature such as article, photo you want highlighted please feel free to contact us

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