30 Bird Species During Evening Bird Watching at Pastoral Centre, Machakos

Wow,it was a great evening for a few birders who went out to watch birds in Pastoral Centre compound. The group of six assembled all their birding accessories comprising of birding binocular,Birds of Kenya & Nother Tanzania by Dale A. Zimmerman, Donald A. Turner and David J. Pearson. We were lucky that among the essential bird watching equipment was the telescope.

The group had only one hour before sunset to do birding and report back to the camp. As we move towards the county sewerage plant, two Spotted-thick knees were moving back and forth in the shrubs, We were very lucky to spot the Thick knee in the same spot they were yesterday. We headed down towards the plant and as we move sound of bee eater could be heard above,using our binoculars we were able to identify the Eurasian bee eater, a migrant from Europe enjoy their stay in African. We recorded 30 bird species including variable sunbird, Reed commorant, palm swift, African pied wagtail among others.

It was such a wonderful type of birding during sunset for the team. Hope you also have a wonderful bird watching day but remember to always to have your birding gear and checklist to make the most

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