14 Fourteen falls Review: A place to visit in Thika

The 14 falls is situated in Thika about 65-70 Kilometers North East of Kenyan capital city Nairobi and is one of the best tourist attraction destination in Kenya. To reach the fourteen falls from Nairobi town you need about two hours to make it by road. The most preferred mode of transport to the falls is by road driving on public or personal/hired cars. Going bird watching at the falls on public cars from Nairobi it’s recommended to board Kilmabongo bound vehicles. The waterfall is not far from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya and one can get their by using the Matatu and hiring of your personal vehicles which is highly recommended for international tourists

Why the Name “fourteen falls”

As river Athi flows downstream meeting the rocks, the rocks divides into section numbering fourteen side by side allowing water to pass through the distinct sections. The River comes down the rocks forming fourteen different independent strips that from one source as show in the figure.

They look magnificent as they cascade roughly to make their deep drop down the rocks each seeking to stand out on its own with a pounding sound. The Fourteen Falls of Thika is a sight that remains embedded in your mind for days after the visit. They are a magical sight, another one of natures wonderful creation. These beauty is covered and sorrounded with lush tropical vegetation that provides an awesome scenery for picnics and family outings. The communities around the fall have different mythical versions about the formation of the Fourteen Falls.

Bird watching at 14 fourteen falls
At the falls prepared to record a number of bird species and have your birding essential including but not limited to binoculars, guidebooks and a notebook. For local and international tourist not conversant with the terrain it’s recommended to have a local guide as this will help you save time but enable you enjoying the day. Remember to carry your birding camera for spectacular sceneries photo taking. You’ll have a chance to watch these and many more bird species here in Kenya.

14 falls management

The Fall is managed by the County government of Kiambu and charges a service fee for entry. Kenya Adult citizens pays Kshs 200, while children pays Kshs 100. Residents Adults (These are not kenyan citizens by live and work here in Kenya) Adults Pays Kshs 1000 while Children pays Kshs 100. Non Residents (These are visitor touring the country such as tourists) Adults pays USD 20, while childrens pays USD 10. Note that there are other additional charges at site such as use of cameras among others

The Guides
There are helpfull local guides at the waterfalls that assist vistors. Bird watchers will be guided in the field and this makes your work easy when comes to bird identification and spotting. The guides explains these birds into detail on how they feed, behaviour and their migration pattern for the migrants. At the falls you’ll be assisted by boat guides helping to steer the boat downstream, upstream and into the rocky river bank using locally made long poles. Bird watching and site viewing from the boat is a must to make your day very memorable. The guides at the falls take you around the falls to experience the views from different points. They also dive to entertain the visitors. Incase you do not have your camera, there are camera men who take wonderful photos at a small fee. They also have a curio shop that sells different types of African ornaments, sculptures and unique small mats from the Kamba community.

The place is also near Mt .Kilimambogo National Park that is a home to different wild animals like buffallos, antelopes and a variety of birds. The mountain is known for hosting hundreds of Buffaloes. Visitors can also view the mountain that stands some few kilometres from The fourteen falls of Thika. It is a place you will never regret of having visiting while in Kenya. Prepare yourself for the visit and ensure to carry with necessary tourism tools including Cameras to take photos. It is consider as one of the best tourist destination for Kenya attracting both local and international tourists. From the 14 fourteen falls one can have some good time at the Chania falls, Thika falls and the Ol Donyo Sabuk National park.
Besides bird watching at the falls, visitors can have sport fishing, photography and videography, nature walk around the rock basements, boat ride, dances and scenic diving viewing among other activities
Your day can be wrapped up by spending in one of the local well maintained facilities, also available at the site are traders selling different items such as fruits, photographers assisting those without camera at a fee among other traders.
Did you know that “”Sir Macmillan was a famous philanthropist who lived on the foot of the Hills. He made the Hills internationally known when he hosted the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US president Roosevelt” no you know.

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