Nikon Brand

Nikon is a Japanese multinational company started in 1917, and by then was known as the “Japan Optical Industries Corporation,” it later changed its name to the Nikon Corporation. However, its camera’s name faced trademark violation issues from Zeiss, a German’s company between 1963 and 1968 resulting in the renaming of the label to Nikkor. The company is headquartered in Japan capital city, Tokyo and with about 25,729 employees (Wikipedia). The corporation has specialized in optic and imaging products and services worldwide. Nikon released its first branded Camera in 1948. The company shifted its major manufacturing facilities to Thailand where the low-end lenses and Coolpix cameras are produced and have about 2000 employed worker force. Other than technological innovation, the company runs the Nikon Salon exhibition center in Japan and the Nikkor Club for the new and amateur photographers and is responsible for organizing numerous awards, such as the Nobuo, Miki Jun, and Miki Jun Inspiration Awards. The company has sponsored various ventures, for instance, in 2013 the company Camera was the official Camera for the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort and is the official sponsor of the Galatasaray SK, Moscow football team among other sponsorships. The company is known for its high quality standard binocular products, and as of to date manufactured about 11 different binocular brands namely; WX, EDG, MONARCH, Prostaff, Alucon, High Grade, Standard, Compact, Elegant, Marine among other binoculars and accessories. Nikon Company has been listed more than three times as among the most trusted brand by The Brand Trust Report, India Study, research sponsored by N. Chandramouli and conducted annually in India based on the 61-attribute “Trust Matrix.” Though, in 2016 and 2017, the company was outranked by Samsung Mobiles (The Brand Trust Report). The Monarch series produced by the corporation are Monarch 3, Monarch 5, and Monarch 7 with different functions and capabilities. The x42 magnification series includes MONARCH HG 8×42, MONARCH 7 8×42, and MONARCH 5 8×42.

Who Can Use Monarch Nikon7 8×42 Binoculars

The Monarch 7 8×42 is a multipurpose outdoor binocular suitable for various occasion, however, to have different experience in different situation. This articles examines various uses of Monarch 7 8×42 and bring you detailed information from various quarters and reviews by customers across the globe.

The binocular are suitable for the following occasion’s bird watching, hiking, astronomy viewing, hunting, and water sporting among other activities. With roof prism layout, it has the ability to rectify image for better viewing. Furthermore, the straight alignment of both the objective lenses and the eye piece offers an extra ordinary brighter images with the right amount of light. Nevertheless, pictures brightness are affected by the amount of the light that enters into the lenses, the darker the lighter, the dull the image. With that even roof prism 8×42 binoculars are susceptible to dull images to some extent in dark state.

Bird Watchers

Birders watchers will get any 8×42 binoculars easy to use, and the ability to spot birders in far distance. Due to its waterproof and fog proof feature, birding can be carried during rainy season, enabling twitchers to observe rain loving birds. In addition, you are not worried about your birding equipment getting damaged by water or fog due to its water and fog proof multi coating layers. Use eye cups to prevent dust while in the field. The binocular have a relative brightness of 28.1, which allows reflection of bright images, and with this you are able to capture photos using your cellular smartphone. The weight make it possible to travel a long distance without getting exhausted, and with 500g, even kids can carry it along using the neck straps. Heavy, binoculars are very hard to carry causing exhaustion and distraction while birding in the thickets.  The other exciting feature about 8×42 series is that they do not require a tripod stand, as they are easily handheld due to the weight. With that, when doing a purchase you save on tripod stand and adaptor costs.

Astronomy binoculars

Are they astronomy friendly binoculars? A little bit of history tells us that telescopes have been the most preferred equipment for astronomies. The famous Galileo, made discoveries using telescopes, but with the rise in binocular technology, things are a little bit different with most astronomers using binoculars. So when searching for users experienced about binocular for astronomies, here is what one user said that with good binocular settings you are able to see “70 mountains, crater rings, seas, and other unique elements of the moon’s surface”. Overall the best binocular for astronomy viewing are the 10 X 50 series but with your Monarch Nikon 8×42 you are good to go.

Nikon 7576 Monarch 5 8×42 Binocular Review

The 7576 MONARCH 5 8×42 binocular is the latest in the Monarch series produced by the Nikon Company, and is one of the best for bird watching, and other outdoor activities. Also, it is available in different sizes, which take care of your kids during outdoor birding and camping trips. Black in color with a magnification of x42, and an Exit Pupil of about 5.3mm offering bright object images in the ventilated surrounding. Furthermore, this series is more powerful than its predecessors, which is still available in the market. Besides, the brand has Extra-Low Dispersion glass, which enables the eyes to capture brighter, sharper and clearer images from a distance without straining, and a lighter weight which you hardly feel in your field trip excursion. Finally, the product comes with a warranty described here in details, which protect consumers from any default arising from the manufacturer as you have a redress clause when making the purchase. The Monarch brand consists of a durable material that is capable of withstanding any extreme weather condition. Moreover, its’ waterproof and frog-proof capabilities offer birders to catch the rain playing birds without worrying about their binos lenses breaking. When writing this review, the 7576 MONARCH 5 8×42 was Amazon bestselling and top rated bird watching binocular.

Monarch 5 8×42 Product Specifications

We have looked at the necessary information about the company behind the brand, it is now time to dissect the features in the purest form to aid understanding of none techies but at the same time providing a balanced review of the outdoor optic. The series 5, is a superior generation having preceded the third series.

  • Magnification (x)        8
  • Objective diameter (mm)      42
  • Angular field of view (Real/degree)  6.3
  • Angular field of view (Apparent/degree)     47.5
  • Field of view at 1,000m (m)   110
  • Exit pupil (mm)          5.3
  • Relative brightness    28.1
  • Eye relief (mm)           19.5
  • Close focusing distance (m)   2.5
  • Length (mm)   145
  • Width (mm)    129
  • Depth (mm)    55
  • Weight (g)       590
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment (mm)    56-72
  • Type    Roof

Objective Lens Diameter:

This is the most critical factor to consider when selecting a binocular, also referred to as the aperture. With the x42 specification, it determines the amount of light that the binocular gathers. Furthermore, the broader or more significant the objective lens, the brighter the image becomes. One of the drawbacks, of a bigger objective lens, it tends to reduce your field view, and result in unfocussed precision and distorting images.

Coating – Full Multilayer coating, Multilayer Coating

Color: Does the binocular color matter or does it mean anything? One of the frequently asked questions by users faced with a variety of color coating to select. We will answer this in a minute, but back to our product, and as the name suggest, the 7576 MONARCH 5 is black. The coating color of the lenses must be considered. I followed this argument from the forum, and this how the discussion went “The color of the objective lens IS important … and if you look directly at a lens, a good anti-reflection coating will not allow you to see features on your face very well, if at all.”

Exit pupil (mm)

Human exit pupils are between 2 and 7 mm, and with a 5.3mm, the NIKON 8×42 will offer good object view. However, for more information on the exit pupil and how it is affected by the amount of light and the size of the eye pupil, please check on the features of the 8×42 binocular article.

Depth perception refers to the image distance, and how the eyesight perceive the image in three dimensions (3D), while in animals, it is known as the Depth sensation because animals can only sense objects as opposed to human beings, and are as a result of depth cues. Moreover, binoculars have eye convergence, stereopsis, disparity, and parallax.

Weight (g) with a slightly over a half a kilogram, this binocular is suited for movements, and birders and outdoor enthusiast can easily carry this birding equipment around without tiring. But for kids, the gadget is relatively heavy when going on a long trip with your loved ones.

Type The MONARCH 5 8×42 Binocular black is a roof prism also known as the Dach prisms and derived their name from rooftop shape. The advantage of this gadget is they lighter, foldable and ability to fit into our hand. They are known to be superior to the Porro types when it comes to image focusing, but the experience may depend from one usage to the other.  Lastly, due to their greater quality, expect to spend more dollars than you would when buying the binoculars of Porro prism types.

Warranty information

When buying a product, it is advisable to understand the terms and conditions applicable, for the Nikon Company, there is a one year warranty from the date of product purchase appropriate for the digital imaging products. However, it is only applicable in a few selected states in the United States of America, namely; Alaska, Hawaii, Central, and South America, And the Caribbean. Furthermore, a customer must present a proof of purchase, such as sales’ receipts, invoices to obtained warranty service. Likewise, clients meet all the costs, amongst, postage charges, shipping, and insurance (Nikon Digital Imaging Warranty), etc.

Monarch 5 8×42 Rating and Customer Reviews

The product has been reviewed by over 500 customers on, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. Moreover, it was first listed on the 24th January 2012 and has ranked position 13 in binoculars subcategories in the Camera and Photos best sellers group. For the current price for both new and old, please refer to the Amazon portal.  Also here in, find selected customer reviews to discover more about their experiences with this binocular, importantly, all reports are from Amazon, a trusted online retailer of various products.

“It is my opinion that the eyepiece lens caps were made slightly large on purpose, not by mistake…” (

 “Eye relief is great! I wear glasses and I haven’t had any strain on my eyes while using these on close or far away objects of interest…” (

“Close focus is not perfect for butterflies though! Several times already I have had to back up to focus clearly on butterflies and dragonflies that landed close to me…” (“I gave them a 4 out of 5 stars. Took one star off for the cap problems and the close focus distance. It’s a personal thing for me about the 8.2 ft close focus distance. Caps are a minor, physical problem with the binocular accessories!” (

In conclusion, the Monarch Nikon 5 8×42 is a state of the art bird watching accessory which makes your observation enjoyable and attractive. I would recommend this binocular if you’re not financially constraint but all the same, you can source for used but quality gadgets. Besides, the product is available in most stores online but it is advisable to purchase in reputable online stores like the Amazon, among others, and definitely, I do recommend to check on the latest promotions. Finally, I wish you all the best in your selection and excellent product experience.

Nikon Prostaff 7S 10×42 ATB Review

Nikon Company have seen improvement in the binocular development. After the invention of the MONARCH 5 8×42 series, the firm went further to introduced its state of the art top bird watching and outdoor binocular made of Extra-low depression (ED) which ensures that any abnormal or distorted features is corrected, and produce a brighter and a clear image. The 8×42 binocular series 7 has a bigger apparent field of view at 58.4° compared to its series 5 that has a 47.5° apparent field of view. Besides, they have a dielectric high reflective coat prism, the feature enables NIKON MONARCH 7 8×42 binocular to transmit light without an insulator offering superior brighter images with natural colors within a visible distance. Just like the previous model, this binocular have all the lenses and prism multilayer coated to aid the visibility of brighter images. Moreover, the objective and eyepiece lenses are scratch resistance, this effect helps prevent the vision equipment from getting scratch when in contact with external particles. It also deploy a phase correction technology that aids in transmitting high resolution images. The other advantage with this binocular is that people wearing eyeglasses can easily and comfortable use it for birding and other outdoor activities without removing their sunglasses.  Designed with waterproof technique as a birder you are not stressed comes rainy birding experiences. Additional, the binocular can be mounted on a tripod stand but this not mandatory.

Nikon Prostaff 7S 10×42 ATB

This is a stylish compact birding and outdoor accessory for field excursion. Designed with multicoated Eco friendly glass lenses which offers comfortability when using the binocular. The PROSTAFF 7S has a phase correction technique that allows delivery of bright and sharp messages. Product packaging is unique with Nikon Lenspen Cleaning System, which helps perform smooth and fast cleaning of your binocular lenses. Other than that, it has a retractable brush for removing particles from the eye piece. For early bird watching and other outdoor sporting activities, fog is a nuisance that we must deal with, but luckily, the binocular is equipped with “Lenspen FogKlear Dry Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth” that prevent fog from affecting your lenses, the beauty of the clothe, is the ability to offer multitasking uses, such as cleaning camera lenses, scopes among many optics equipment. The package comes with a pouch, which is water resistant to keep your binocular dry and protect from unwanted particles i.e. dust, dirt, water etc.   

Customer review

“We bought these binoculars for our son in law for Christmas, he’s so happy with them! They are a good brand and definitely worth the price!”

“Great binoculars. Brought them on a trip to Africa, very easy to use and portable.”

How to Buy a Pair Of 8×42 Binoculars for Bird Watching and Outdoor Activities

8X40 Binocular

Buying a pair of binocular can be a daunting tasks when faced with a variety to choose from. With the emergence of new binoculars, it would be prudent to select a binocular which will last you decade at a reasonable cost. But what do you look to get value for money. 8×42 binoculars are the most common visualization equipment for birding watching and other outdoor activities, as a result of their powerful image resolutions. Below are simple step to follow when doing your purchase at a physical store. However, these tips can also apply to binoculars bought from online stores


A good binocular should have the following characteristics and image behavior.

  1. Test your binocular, and ensure that the image quality is consistent with no distortion from all edges, that is, when an image view have no image alteration, curving from the field of view. An 8×42 binoculars with poor image appearance can only mean two things, one, the binocular lenses are of a low quality and cannot magnify brighter images, secondly the general quality of your binocular is poor and will not last you long.
  2. When spotting objects with a new binocular, their color rendition should much your normal eye vision. Most ruby tinted objective lens binocular are known to have poor color rendition and should be avoided at any cost. If blue tinted and multi coated objective lenses are available, then do not hesitate on your purchase. In addition, any 8×42 binoculars for birders and outdoor activities without objective multi coating will affect the image shape and size. However, established brand have managed to manufacture ruby tinted binoculars with ability to reduce glare, haze and reflections, and also enhance color of nature, but ensure to buy these from respected brands. Just be careful as ruby tinted binocular are used as marketing strategy to hide optic quality.
  3. When testing a binocular, ensure that your image is a not inverted object from any angle, for example, when viewing from up and down, right to left, and a 90 degrees position. Any binocular with inverted images is as a result of poor lenses for both the objective and magnification lens.
  4. Select a binocular that is comfortable when holding on your neck with a strap, in addition check the quality of the strap material to avoid injuries while in the fielding using your binocular. A bulky binocular, will be heavy to move around with thus affecting your birding schedule and movements. Avoid 8×42 binoculars with more 50mm objective lenses. These binoculars are known for their difficulty in focus and handling. Avid birders are advised to avoid general purpose binoculars, such as 10×50, 16×50 among others. I you buy the mentioned binos, also consider buying Binocular tripod stand adaptor for holding them firmly into a good position for image focus.
  5. Conduct a binocular vision testing, ensure to have an object focus “with both eyes synchronously” to produce a solitary graphic images. However, a person having a binocular vision disorder may not have the benefit of carrying out a binocular test, because, your eyes will not align correctly into the eye piece resulting into poor image output.
  6. Examine the objective lenses to avoid any with scratches, marrying, and bubbles. In addition, a binocular glass with a grit on it will result into blurred images, and glasses should have multi coat with colors such as blueish, green or both.
  7. Confirm before purchase that both the oculars have user friendly and comfortable eye cups, and their diameter measurement are not less than 0.5 inches with at least one adjustable ocular.
  8. Explore the packaging of the 8×42 binocular, and ensures that it has all the essential binocular accessories, such as the strap, eye cups, a cleaning clothing, and guide book. What it means without the accessories, is that somebody must have interfered with the package and most likely the gadget is already used.
  9. Select a binocular with an objective lenses of no more than 50mm, any binocular beyond this, are difficult hold and focus. In addition, larger lenses binoculars are bulkier, heavy, and not for an average user to hold firmly into their hands. Furthermore, they will need a support device, such as Trapezoid, Tripod, or Monopole to securely hold them into a position, which is an added cost. However, for astronomy study, these are the best observation binocular complimented with a mounted stand mentioned above.
  10. When buying a zoom Binoculars, consider one with the widest field of view from a recognized brand, and eyepieces that are fixed with a variable zooming strength. However, brands known for high end binoculars, such as Zeiss, Steiner, and Swarovski do not manufacture a zoom binoculars, and save your time in selection by not opting for from these brands. On the contrary, Nikon, Celestron, Bushnell, and other brands have high quality binocular with the zoom capabilities of 8×42 and other specifications. To spot the variable zoom capability of a binocular, check the name and the numbers with a hyphen in between e.g. 10-30x, 10-50x. Between the specifications of zoom binoculars, a 10x magnifiers is considered to have the lowest magnification strength. If you are looking for a specification a powerful magnification abilities, then consider buying the 30x binoculars.
  11. An 8×42 binocular does not require an image stabilizer, hence any brand that insist of you having a stabilizer should be avoided at all costs. With this binocular you will not need a tripod stand and have clear and bright images.
  12. Product warranty, is an essential part of conducting due diligence on the brand you are about to buy. This is the only redress contract you have with the seller after the purchase. Read through it and understand, and where you have doubt please verify before buying a binocular. Many Companies like Nikon offers a one year warranty on their imaging products, and you are comfortable with such entities knowing well that incase of malfunction as a result of manufacture’s defect, you are free to send it back for a replacement or a review. Avoid brands without warranty attached to their products as most are low quality binoculars which costs you money and time for no value.

Lastly, check on the price. High quality 8×42 binoculars are definitely going to be pricy compared to low quality binos, however, some inexpensive binos should not be dismissed for low quality, as some brands are known to offer good binoculars at affordable price. To help you on this, refers to various customers reviews on specific binocular you are about to buy to get hands on experience.

Components of 8×42 Binoculars to check when doing purchase

The 8×42 Binoculars are among the most powerful bird watching equipment, which offers high image resolution because of their adjustable parts. By the end of this article, you learn and understand the basic parts and their functions. 8×42 specification consist of the lenses, Eyecups and eye reliefs, Diopter Adjustment, Focus knob, exit pupil, straps

Lenses A Binocular consist of two lenses namely, the objective and the magnification lens performing different functions. Light enters into the binocular through the objective lens which is located at the binocular front. Moreover, it is larger than the magnification lens and have a diameter measuring between 30-50mm. Another important factor to note, is that the objective optic is a convex lens, meaning, they curves or bulges outwards to allow convergence of light rays. Besides, you can easily identify the objective lens through their unique labelling feature. For example “8×40”, “7×30” among others. The image texture and brightness are affected by the lens size. A large objective lens has the capability to gather more light into the exit pupil, which is a region within the binocular where image focusing is carried out, in addition, the binocular pupil diameter, is determined by diving objective by the magnification lens. When you have a binocular with a wider objective lens and a lower magnification, the image resulting from the observation is brighter and with greater details. The beauty of 8×42 pair of binoculars result into brighter photos in a dull condition, such as in a thicket. The measurement of the lenses is done in millimeters.

8×42 Exit Pupil The exit pupil of 8×42 particular binocular is 42/8, which give us about 5.3mm and this reasonable fits into the size of our eye pupil which ranges between 2 to 7mm. However, the size will depend on the amount of light being emitted. The bigger the eye pupil to the exit pupil, the dimmer the image. For instance, in the dark, human eye pupil is about 7mm more resulting into poor vision. The eye pupil is affected by the amount of light which enters the binocular and the brighter the light, the smaller the pupil, and the darker the light the bigger the pupil.

Shape There are two types of binocular shapes namely, Roof and Porro Prism with almost same functionalities but differs in a few areas of image focusing technology and pricing. The roof prism is also known as the Dach prisms which derives its name from roof top shape. Among the roof prism types are the Abbe-Koenig, Schmidt-Pechan, and Amici. On the other side, Porro Prism binoculars were invented by the Italian known as Ignazio Porro (, and are currently classified into two types namely, standard and reverse porro. Straps There are many types of binocular neck traps available from different manufacturers, the traps, is to help hold the binocular into a better position when birding. When selecting a strap for replacement, you should buy a long lasting materials. In addition, check the recommended load which the strap can carry. Moreover, consider the size of the neck when selecting a trap, otherwise, health related problems might arise with tight straps. Here is what a customer had to say about a particular strap for his binocular “but for wider, male necks it might be somewhat uncomfortable because the sewn-on tougher outer parts might start digging into your skin. Not a problem with lighter cameras/binoculars, but if you have heavy equipment it could be an issue” ( The main points to note are the comfortability, size and the quality of materials.